Monday, February 20, 2017

Research Blog #3: Three Academic Sources

1. Exploring the Benefits of Branding Universities: A Developing Country Perspective - Felicia de Heer. Patrick Tandoh-Offin – This work studies two universities in Ghanda and how branding defines the university in a way that validates the mission, vision, and core values of the institution. This study is unique because it studies the benefits of a university brand in the context of a developing country. It indicates the benefits of branding higher education to attract the desired students and faculty.

2. College Choice and the University Brand: Exploring the Consumer Decision Framework - Amber Stevenson, Alex heckert, David Yerger – This article is unique to the branding of universities because it explicates the decision framework from the viewpoint of a prospective student. The findings reveal the mindset students have when choosing a college, which universities branders capitalize on to differentiate themselves.

3. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education by Taylor & Francis Online – This resources an international journal that publishes original research and review related to the central core idea of higher education marketing. The publication of articles ranges from 1988 onward. The journal aims to interpret theories about the marketing, consumer behavior, economy, politics, and services of higher education. This journal features a plethora of different topics centered on higher education marketing including case studies, analyses, and exploratory researches.

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